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What Is Parenthetical Phrase? Importance And Examples In Rhetoric

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Every student has to work on essay writing skills at college and university levels. The assignment related to essay writing is one of the most commonly assigned tasks. The purpose of assigning essay writing tasks is to evaluate a student’s research and writing skills. An essay is supposed to present arguments related to a particular problem and then meet the main objectives in a logical way. It aims to educate people about the things they are unaware of. This can be done by explaining multiple facets of a problem. At the time of writing an essay, one of the major concerns is to maintain a coherent flow. Students usually struggle to maintain coherence and find it challenging to add several aspects to an essay without disturbing the basic flow. If you are also facing these problems, you must learn about the parenthetical phrase, which works well to make your essay concise, and you can better deal with several aspects of essay writing. Therefore, this article aims to discuss parenthetical phrases in detail.

What is a Parenthetical Phrase, and What does it aim for?

You may have heard about parenthetical; it is similar to parenthetical phrases. Parentheticals are sentences that are not essential in essay writing, but it does not mean there is no need to use them. For example, there is connecting phrase as well as a parenthetical phrase. When you compare both phrases, you find that connecting phrases are compulsory to use in an essay. On the other hand, when you go through parentheticals, they are not supposed to use in an essay at any cost. Parentheticals contain one or more words that do not contribute to something particular but reinforce the nonessential information. This group of words plays a significant role in maintaining a smooth flow of an essay. Some of the examples of parentheticals are mentioned below:

  • As in fact
  • Without any doubt
  • Indeed
  • Nevertheless
  • Likewise
  • Similarly
  • Obviously
  • Basically
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The use of parentheticals can be seen while expressing some emotion or making a dialogue relevant to the topic of discussion. One of the best uses of these phrases can be seen as free modifiers. When using these phrases as free modifiers, you get support for the information you are presenting in your essay. Also, you do not have to face any problems regarding sentence structure or flow. You must understand that the use of parentheticals can polish your sentence, but their absence does not create any problem. You can easily omit these words, and there would not be any disturbance in the rest of the sentence. Their contribution to sentence framing is very interesting.

For example,

  • My sister, after looking at her wedding dress, asked me not to take any new responsibility.
  • Therefore, you can go shopping in the mall.
  • Unfortunately, I cannot buy this Gucci bag right now.

In the above-mentioned examples, the bold words are perfect examples of parentheticals. You can see that their use makes it easy to maintain a smooth flow, but if you omit these words, there would not be a big problem at all. Meanwhile, you can also hire coursework writing services to use these phrases effectively.

What are Different Kinds of Parenthetical Phrases?

A parenthetical phrase is a linguistic expression which is added to a sentence by using punctuation marks. In this way, it becomes easy to eliminate the words from a particular sentence. One of the frequently used punctuations for parentheticals is a comma. At the same time, you can also go for brackets as well as dashes based on the situation. Furthermore, there are several types of parentheticals which are used in essay writing. Let’s discuss its types and understand them with the help of examples.

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Apposition is another nonessential information that works as a modifier and makes your sentence more precise. It provides extra context to the information and makes it easy to understand for the reader. For example, a reader is reading an essay related to a topic that is totally new to him. In this situation, there can be many sets of information that can confuse the reader, but the use of apposition can help grasp the exact point of the writer.

Relative Clause

The relative clause is also a type of parenthetical phrase. The easiest way to ensure the best use of the relative clause is to learn about the things it contains. It contains a subject as well as a verb. Furthermore, you need to use a relative pronoun or relative adverb as per the need of the hour. By using these elements, you can have a perfect relative clause in your sentence. For recognizing relative clauses, you can get assistance from the following examples:

  • The subject and verb vary as per the sentence which is under discussion
  • The relative pronoun include; who, that, whom, whose, which
  • The relative adverb include; where, why, when

Most writers mix relative pronouns with relative adverbs, and it may cause a bit of confusion. So, it is better to learn the difference to make exact use of them.

Parenthetical Clause

Whenever a writer learns about the parenthetical phrase and its type, it is common to observe that he frequently makes use of the parenthetical clauses. The reason behind its frequent use is that it is very easy to understand and add to a sentence. The use of commas, brackets and dashes can be made for all types of parentheticals. You can use all of these punctuations in a parenthetical clause, but brackets can work well for novel writers. For example:

  • Jella (mother of bell) is collecting funds (for flood survivors) from society.
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The information is given in brackets, making it easy to understand the background of the discussion.

Final Thoughts

When you learn about the parenthetical phrase and understand it with the help of examples, it becomes easy to convey a clear idea. Also, the above-mentioned examples can help you to practice the use of these words in an effective way.

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