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Here’s what you need to know about selling bikes: How to do it

Are you getting ready to sell bikes? Perhaps you want to relocate and don’t want to take your belongings with you, or perhaps you’re ready for a change. Perhaps you just want to profit from an investment or a motorcycle that you spent time fixing.

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Although it is not difficult, selling bikes necessitates some forethought and consideration. There are various choices for selling bikes nowadays, whether you prefer to promote it locally or use the large internet buyer community. Here’s a step-by-step guide to selling a used motorcycle quickly and for top dollar.

A Step-by-Step Approach to Motorcycle Sales

Before actually putting your motorcycle up for sale, you need to take a few measures to ensure it’s in top shape and presents itself in the best possible way. Here is a simple guide on how to clean, photograph, and note any damage that potential purchasers would be interested in seeing.

  1. Make sure your motorcycle is clean and that you perform touch-ups
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Would you buy a sand- and grit-covered motorcycle? A filthy bike could lead a prospective buyer to believe it has been neglected. One of the simplest methods to quickly sell bikes and for top dollar is to thoroughly clean it before marketing it or placing it on display for possible buyers.

For it to be ready for sale, sell bikes needs more than just a simple wash. You ought to set aside a weekend to clean and maintain your bike. Here is where you need to pay close attention.

  1. Make sure your motorcycle is clean

Do a thorough cleaning of everything before moving on. Hydrogen peroxide may be used to remove dirt and insects without damaging your paint job. Make sure your motorcycle is entirely dry before washing it. Utilise the appropriate coating, such as ICE Turtle Wax. WD40 can be helpful for clearing sludge and is safe for use on metal and plastic.

Remember that this is not simply a quick rinse off following a bike. Pay attention to frequently disregarded areas like the rust on the seat’s surface and the grime around the battery.

  1. Make your motorcycle look brand new by fixing dents, scratches, and scuffs

Unless you don’t care about getting top dollar or you’re selling a starter bike, spend the time fixing minor damage. A buff can usually get rid of scuffs. Most minor nicks, scratches, and dents can typically be rectified. Making this simple investment could increase your motorcycle’s appeal and value.

  1. Ensure that the brakes are clean
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Your bike’s rusty, grime-covered brakes may not always be seen in the best photographs. Use a Scotch-Brite pad to polish the brakes’ centers before using polish to give the brakes’ outside a brilliant sheen. Make use of a specialized brake cleaner to get rid of residue. Here’s how to quickly refurbish the calipers so that the next owner may ride comfortably.

  1. Make sure your vehicle is tuned up and inspected

Check your motorcycle against the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s list of things to look for. Make a note of any issues so you can remedy them or point them out to potential buyers. Your motorcycle will be in the finest condition for sale if you get it tuned up right away.

What You Need to Know About Photographing Your Motorcycle

The photos in your motorcycle offering will catch the attention of potential customers initially. Do you want your motorcycle listing to be seen among all the others? Without the right techniques and materials, even the most attractive bike won’t catch the attention of shoppers browsing classified ads.

Beautiful photographs may be taken without spending a lot of money on high-end camera equipment, which will aid in the sale of bikes. Here are some tips for shooting shots that effectively display your bike.

Lighting should be taken into consideration

It’s preferable to take motorcycle photos outside in the late afternoon or early morning when the sun is low and less glaring. Lighting is also best under cloudy skies.

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A good understanding of the background is essential

Place your motorcycle in front of a building that has a few geometric lines and contrasting colours. Avoid using “busy” backdrops like stainless-steel fences, telephone poles, and other similar structures. Wide fields, brick barriers, and garage doors are all excellent options.

Make sure you get shots from all angles

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It’s imperative to obtain the primary angles, which are the front, right, left, and rear. Take note of the data next. Take close-up pictures of the tank, seat, engine, and bars. Don’t be scared to try out some unconventional angles and acquire loads of detail to demonstrate to them how much work you put into cleaning and preserving your motorcycle. This is one of the better vantage positions to record from because the camera is down to the ground and at headlight height.

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