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Why Content Marketing Services? Cheaper than paid and sustainable

We hear you. Everyone has been advising you to embrace content marketing services to get more traffic and more relevant leads. You have been reading about it on the internet and how content is playing a key role in impacting buyer decisions. However, you are not convinced that content marketing services in India are cheaper and might benefit your business the way probably other digital marketing techniques offer quick results like paid advertising.

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Well here is why should you put content marketing in the driver’s seat and PPC and other strategies in the backseat.

Quick Takeaways:

  • When put into practice accurately, content marketing delivers a higher ROI than PPC, eventually.
  • PPC can draw traffic to your website, but it won’t make it convert. Only content is able to do so.
  • Paid search and other varieties of advertising have a role to play, but there should be a solid content strategy to reinforce them.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a game plan requiring the creation and dissemination of appropriate, high-value content geared towards your user personas. It fits wonderfully into the inbound approach when it is delivered to the right person, in the right way, at the right time.

The article you’re reading at the moment is content marketing. The video on Instagram that you liked is content marketing. You’re encircled by content for an excellent reason —  it definitely works!

Content marketing comprises a significant number of unique marketing arrangements, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Articles (like this one!)
  • Videos
  • White papers
  • Podcasts
  • E-Books

What Is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising campaigns are an excellent means for businesses to promote their products and services to a wider market instantly. There are several forms of advertising through paid campaigns, for example, Facebook ads, Google Ads, YouTube ads, etc. Paid campaigns are possibly costly, but they can also be highly successful if administered properly.

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Businesses have various choices for paid advertising. It is necessary to remember that each choice provides a unique set of advantages and disadvantages, so it is better to see what your company needs before choosing suitable ads.

There are ample options to advertise online, including:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads on search engines
  • Social media advertising
  • Ad networks that play your advertisements on websites that match the demographic you desire to show

Advertising is pricey, based on the rate you accept, besides where you decide to invest your money. It could be significantly difficult if you do not have any idea about your desired keywords or target audiences carefully first. There is no money-back assurance, if you do not achieve the outcomes you are longing for.

What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing & PPC?

The major difference between content marketing services India and paid advertising services is the process of execution, which essentially makes the difference. One is organic and the other is paid, though the focus of both is lead generation and traffic. 

Through content marketing, you’re generating traffic and leads by creating and promoting content that helps win buyer trust. In Pay Per Click, you are paying a certain entity for showing your advertisement and generating leads. You stop your payment, the platform (Google, Facebook, etc etc) stops showing your advertisement.

Is Content Marketing a Better Approach?

The best content marketing service providers will say this – it’s a better approach if you want to generate leads through organic, and if you want to have a sustainable flow of traffic and leads. Also, content marketing fits better if you do not have oodles of budget to spend on paid advertising. It is definitely a cheaper and a more sustainable approach to PPC. For that let us understand how does content marketing work.

Let us Understand How Content Marketing Works?

Content marketing works because it’s does not force the customer in buying something. It establishes your brand as a thought-leader, someone who can be trusted not to sell the wrong thing. Content marketing works by helping your buyer with knowledge and value that is free. The target audience, whose pain points are getting solved, starts becoming aware of the brand, and going back to it again and again. When a customer starts believing in your brand, there is a very high chance that he is going to also buy from you. In B2B marketing, where the sales cycle is long and complicated, the buyer goes through a lot of information that enables him to trust the vendor and decide that the company is right. Here also content marketing works brilliantly by creating that trust.

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Having a concrete content marketing game plan in place lets you have many advantages, something which paid advertising just can’t do. Let’s see why this works.

1.    SEO Boosting

Content marketing utilises content as well as elements of SEO. Hence your chances of ranking organically increases and if backed by a proper SEO campaign, it can work wonders for organic growth of your business.

2.    More Conversion Potential

Through paid advertising, you’re conventionally restrained to short and challenging sales messages to call customers to action to carry out conversions.

With content marketing, you tap into the audience’s need for valuable content, while slowly creating trust and nudging the prospect down the sales funnel. Hence conversion potential is higher here. The difference between the paid advertising and content marketing techniques lies in the trust that is created. It’s there that the latter wins. 

3.    Enhance Your Brand’s Reputation

Content marketing is an option to flaunt your brand’s intelligence and identity. This could enable your readers to understand you better and make them see you as authentic information resources, products, and services.

If you further act upon your social media content marketing strategy, you will prove to your audience that you’re a prominent, approved, and trustworthy brand, which will significantly boost your position in the market.

4.    Statistics on Content Marketing and its Effectiveness

The most important question is, does content marketing truly work? These statistics deal with this question:

  • Those who have embrace content marketing suggest that conversion rates are roughly six times more than non-embracers (2.9% vs just 0.5%).  
  • 80% of B2B consumers intend to continue getting and absorbing content after they have executed a sale, meaning that a B2B content marketing spend is necessary.  
  • 70% of buyers are inclined to learn more about a brand based on content instead of ads.
  • Blogs can provide websites with up to 434% more indexed pages and up to 97% more indexed links.  
  • 78% of customers consider brands to be more attractive and build desired relationships when they provide sound content.
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It’s not only blogs or articles that must be a part of your content marketing plan — video and social media also play an influential role.

Return on Investment in Content Marketing

We’ve described all the wonderful advantages of content marketing, but let’s focus on the core — is it cheaper than paid advertising, and will it produce a satisfactory ROI as against paid online advertising larry bridle?

The straightforward response is YES!

The rationale behind content marketing being a cost-effective marketing technique is that it can offer long-lasting benefits and compound returns.

While paid advertising produces returns without producing new assets, content marketing lets you gain an asset each time fresh content is produced and published.

A content that ranks will continue to send traffic to your website, and increase your brand’s visibility and hence it’s a long-term asset. 

Your search and domain authority appearance will both advance as well, meaning more eyes on your brand and higher conversions.

Paid advertising is costly because someone has to take care of your advertising campaign, and you then have to spend it on clicks or impressions. It is possible to receive some instant results, but it’s not an investment for the future.

Conclusion While paid advertising certainly should not be ruled out as it has its own set of advantages, organic growth through content marketing will be the cheaper and more sustainable solution to growing you brand. This specially if you are a smaller brand which does not want to burn off its marketing budget within a few months or even a month.

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