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Programs for downloading movies

Although I have already published several tutorials on the subject, I continue to receive messages from friends asking me how to download films from the Internet, or rather, how to choose the “right” programs to download films from the Internet. It, therefore, seems appropriate to return to the subject and publish a new post about it.

I will not dwell too much on small talk. Below you will find a list of some of the best programs to download movies from the Internet: read it, choose the most suitable software for your needs and find out how to use it by reading the instructions I am about to give you. Whether you have a Windows PC, a Mac, or a computer equipped with Linux, you will surely find the right software that will allow you to download all the films of your interest. Good fun!

Programs to download movies and TV series

Since you are looking for programs to download movies (and perhaps other content such as TV series), I want to remind you that we are in the age of streaming. Services of this type offer access to a lot of content by paying for a subscription (in some cases, there is also a free trial), as well as a possibility that you may not be aware of: offline download.

In short, if you have a subscription of this type and are about to embark on a long journey without an Internet connection (or, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity to take advantage of the convenience of streaming), you can simply “draw” from the catalog of main services you have a subscription for. In fact, a good amount of content can be downloaded to your trusted device for offline viewing.

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However, do not expect to be able to have a file available to shoot here and there. Usually, this type of download allows viewing only on the device associated with your profile and a time limit within which to watch the film. Go and visit my article and also check out my site. Put simply, the experience is a bit different than, for example, downloading a copyright-free movie file from the Web, as streaming platforms have rightly imposed “stakes”. In any case, you understand that it can be an interesting possibility, especially if you are looking for programs to download free films in Italian.

Amazon Prime Video (Windows / macOS)

The first solution I recommend to you looking for programs to download movies from the Internet is the official application of Amazon Prime Video, the streaming service owned by the e-commerce giant.

It is a potentially interesting possibility even if you have never tried the subscription to Amazon Prime. The latter, which includes Prime Video, offers a free 30-day trial to those who have never previously used the subscription, allowing for a 90-day trial period for university students. What is the base price? € 4.99 per month or € 49.90 per year for “basic users” or € 24.95 per year for Prime Student members.

If you are interested in this possibility, I recommend you refer to my guides on getting Amazon Prime Video for free. The interesting aspect of your goal is that the official Amazon Prime Video app allows you to download many movies to your PC for offline viewing. To take advantage of this possibility, just download the program directly from the Microsoft Store (Windows) or the Mac App Store (macOS). Check out this Link. The installation procedure is the “classic” one, but if you have any doubts, you can follow my tutorial on downloading applications on a PC.

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Once the app is launched, simply log in with your Amazon Prime account, click on the content box of your interest and click the Download button. You will then have to choose the language and quality, but then you can go to the Download area. Once the download is complete, you can play your chosen content from here, even without an active Internet connection. In short, it’s all very simple, but if you want, you can learn more through my guide on downloading movies on Prime Video from PC.

Netflix (Windows)

If you are also among those who are subscribers to Netflix (in this case, there is no longer the free trial: the subscription plans start at 7.99 euros per month), one of the most famous streaming services in general, you may be interested know that the official application of the service allows you to download content for offline viewing on your Windows computer. This feature is unfortunately not supported on Mac.

In any case, whether you have Windows 10 or 11 available, the procedure to follow is very similar to what is indicated in the chapter on Amazon Prime Video. You just need to download through the Microsoft Store, press the Open button, log in with the Netflix profile, enter the correct account, select the movie poster of interest, and click the Download button.

After pressing the latter, the download will start, and you can keep an eye on the status by pressing the arrow icon to the right, located at the bottom. You will then be able to view the chosen content without an Internet connection. In short, there is nothing so complex, and to dispel any doubts, you can refer to my guide on seeing Netflix offline.

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