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All You Need to Know About Top 10 Solar Power Companies in India

If you are looking for the best solar power companies in India, then look no further. Read on to know more about Photon Energy Systems Ltd., Websol Energy System Ltd., Waaree Solar Pvt Ltd, and Indosolar. They have done excellent work in solar power projects, and we believe that you’ll be impressed with their achievements.

Below Are the Top 10 Solar Module Manufacturing Companies in India

Photon Energy Systems Ltd

Photon Energy Systems Ltd (PES) is one of the leading solar power companies in India. It was founded in 1995 by a group of technocrats with extensive industry experience and is a leading player in the renewable energy sector. The company offers a variety of solar energy solutions for a wide range of applications, including solar water pumps, solar rooftop power plants, and solar thermal energy systems. PES has been in business for over two decades and employs hundreds of people across India.

The company has expanded its solar energy offerings by doubling warranties for its products. It is among the top 10 solar companies in India. It also offers solar EPC services and PV modules. The company is one of India’s largest engineering development companies, and has solar manufacturing units. It also manufactures transformers and conductors.

Websol Energy System Ltd

Websol Energy System Ltd is an established photovoltaic solar cell manufacturer in India. Its solar products are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5 W to 220 W. The company serves both residential and commercial customers. It also provides solar systems to industrial and government institutions. The company has been in business for over two decades and has made substantial investments in the latest technology and innovations. Its facility has the capacity to manufacture solar cells and modules, and it has a dedicated R&D team. These professionals focus on improving the efficiency of the equipment, maintaining high quality standards, and customizing solar products.

Websol Energy System Ltd is a manufacturer of photovoltaic solar cells and related modules. These modules are used in many sectors, including solar PV power plants, rural electrification, and remote communication. Its products have been used to power homes and businesses for over 30 years.

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Waaree Solar Pvt Ltd

Based in Mumbai, Waaree Solar Pvt Ltd is one of the leading solar companies in India. The company manufactures solar PV modules and other solar products, with a 2 GW manufacturing capacity. It has established a global presence through its two manufacturing plants in India and supplies solar modules to over 40 countries.

The company was founded in 1989 and has since spread across the neighboring countries, Middle East, and Africa. This company has made a name for itself by understanding the need to help keep the environment clean and meet the growing demand for renewable energy. It is working to make India a solar-powered nation in the coming years.

Another top 10 solar company in India is Adani Solar. It is the largest solar panel solutions provider in the country. It is also the first vertically integrated photovoltaics company in the country with the capacity to manufacture cells and modules under one roof. The company has a significant presence in India and overseas, with a 2 GW module manufacturing facility in Surat. It offers PV modules, solar rooftop solutions, and solar power plants.


EMMVEE is one of the top solar companies in India and deals in solar power products such as photovoltaic panels, solar water heaters, and solar panels. Founded in 1992, EMMVEE has become one of the most innovative and fastest growing solar companies in India. The company provides solutions for the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors. Their innovative solutions help create a sustainable environment.

Icomm Tele Ltd. is a solar power company that has international reach and presence in Middle Eastern countries. Its solar solutions cater to telecom, power, infrastructure, and defence industries.

Jakson Solar Pvt Ltd

Jakson is one of the top solar module manufacturers in India with a solid Independent Power Producer (IPP) portfolio and proven track record of building and implementing large scale solar power projects. The company currently has over 60 MW of operational solar power plants across Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and a growing portfolio of 20 MW rooftop solar installations.

Jakson Solar Pvt Ltd is a multi-service company providing solar EPC, solar rooftop and solar O&M solutions. The solar O&M market is growing fast and represents a significant opportunity in India. Large psu energy companies are increasingly undertaking O&M projects in-house.

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In India, there are a number of Solar module manufacturers. Among them are Canadian Solar, Premier Solar System Pvt Ltd, Jupiter solar power Ltd, and SWELECT energy system Ltd. All of these companies produce high-quality solar modules. Each company has its own unique set of products and a different process for producing them.

SWELECT energy system Ltd

SWELECT Energy Systems Ltd is a solar module manufacturing company in India that recently announced plans to triple its manufacturing capacity and relocate its existing plant to Bengaluru. The company has invested around Rs70 crore in expanding its solar module manufacturing capacity. Its managing director said its target was to reach 300 MW by 2020. The company was formerly known as Numeric Power Systems until May 2012, when it switched its focus to solar module manufacturing. In January 2013, it purchased Bengaluru-based HHV Solar to boost its manufacturing capacity. It now has an installed capacity of over 30 MW and aims to double its capacity annually.

The company provides solar modules, mounting structures, transformers, and inverters. It operates through three segments: Solar Module Manufacturing, Foundry Business, and Others. Its Foundry Business segment engages in iron, steel, and investment casting activities. It also offers engineering procurement and construction contracts and operation and maintenance services.

Surana Ventures Ltd

Surana Ventures Ltd is a company that manufactures PV modules in India and provides EPC services to solar power projects in the country. It is currently building two solar power plants, each of five megawatts (MW), near Hyderabad. Eventually, the company plans to build as much as 125 MW of solar power.

The company was established in 1978 and is headquartered in Hyderabad. The group has an experienced professional team that focuses on power systems and renewable energy. Its portfolio includes 1.1MW solar power plants in Coimbatore, a 1MW solar power plant in Sivagangai, and a 15MW modular energy power project in Karur. It has a manufacturing capacity of 12MW and a sales volume of 40MW per year.

The company has an impressive track record in manufacturing solar PV modules. The government’s policies have helped drive down the costs of manufacturing solar panels. However, the Indian market still has a lack of awareness about the various brands and technologies available, and it is hard to gauge how much solar capacity is going to be added in the coming years. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that the market for solar power modules in India will continue to grow throughout 2019.

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Premier Solar System Pvt Ltd

Premier Solar is an integrated solar cell and module manufacturer, and an EPC player, with a 25-acre plant near the Hyderabad International Airport. The company currently manufactures 500 MW of solar modules and 60 MW of solar cells, and plans to increase that capacity to 1.25 GW over the next two years. Its goal is to be among the top five domestic solar module manufacturers.

Jakson Solar Cells and Modules are IEC and BIS certified, and made in an ISO certified plant in Greater Noida, India. Jakson has been recognized with awards for its high-performing projects, including its 20-megawatt solar plant in BAP, Rajasthan. It also won the Solar Innovative Product of the Year award for its Helia Series of PV Modules. Jakson has a global presence, with offices in Europe, Middle East, and SAARC countries.

Jupiter solar power Ltd

Jupiter Solar Power Ltd is a solar module manufacturing company in India that produces high-quality photovoltaic solar cells. The company is based in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, and its cells are considered on par with the world’s leaders, including those from China. The company plans to expand its manufacturing capacity to a 2 GW integrated cell plus module line by 2023.

The company has a mission to promote renewable energy in South Asia. Its products are cost-effective and backed by quality services. Its focus is on serving the twin needs of providing clean energy and distributing power to rural areas.

Jakson solar

Jakson is one of the leading energy and engineering companies in India. They have a presence in a variety of sectors, including solar, power generation, and distribution. They’ve earned a reputation for providing sustainable solutions and creating value for society. The Jakson Group was established in 1947 and is now one of the top ten energy companies in India.

The Noida-based Jakson Group recently announced plans to expand its solar manufacturing capacity to 1.5 gigawatts by 2020. The Jakson Group has already secured a contract with the railways to equip trains with solar panels. The company recently completed a successful pilot project for a Delhi DEMU train.

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