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How to Choose the Best Video Intercom System When Choosing Your Apartment’s Intercom System

Welcome to your intercom journey!

If you need to choose a video intercom system for new construction or replace one in an apartment building, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you find the best ip intercom system that fits your budget, enhances operations for building owners and managers, and simplifies life for tenants.

As you begin your search, you might be thinking: What is the greatest apartment intercom system for my building? All will depend on your needs and priorities. Perhaps you’re concerned about security, or perhaps deliveries constantly getting missed. You might also need to let visitors access your property remotely. There is an intercom system available that can offer anything you need. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each of the capabilities offered by contemporary apartment intercoms, such as wireless installation, video calling, and smartphone-based access, is vital.

The Perfect Video Intercom System: How to Pick One

Your budget and the features you require that meet your budget will determine which video intercom you should purchase.

For security reasons, some video intercoms contain a photo memory that preserves images of anyone that come to your door. Advanced systems allow you to observe many people waiting at the door thanks to capabilities like camera pan, tilt, and zoom.

When selecting a wireless video intercom, keep in mind that the line-of-site range indicated refers to the distance that can be seen between the door unit and the monitor. Don’t bet on getting the range listed because it will substantially decrease if you add walls or other barriers.

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You can always call and ask to speak with one of our product specialists to help you choose the best system if you need assistance choosing.

What is an apartment intercom system?

An electronic tool known as an apartment intercom system, also known as an apartment buzzer, enables two-way communication and provides tenants and their visitors with entry to the building. A speaker, microphone, and occasionally a camera are features of intercoms, which are put at building entrances. The intercom records audio and video and distributes it to each resident, allowing each renter to see and speak with visitors before allowing them entry to the building.

Numerous historical developments led to the development of the modern apartment intercom. From the first telephone entrance system, created in 1894, to the contemporary intercoms that can be used, these systems have developed.

Modern apartment intercom systems include:

Permit residents to open doors and manage property access from anywhere.

Property managers may quickly add, delete, and review permissions for property access.

reduced installation and upkeep costs for developers and property owners.

apartment intercom systems with door releases

A door release device is necessary for an apartment building entrance system to remotely grant access. By simply pressing the “door open” button on an apartment intercom, occupants and building staff can welcome visitors. When someone hits the “door open” button on the intercom, a relay sends a signal to the door release device to unlock the door. Typically, the door release mechanism is either a magnetic lock or an electric strike.

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Electronic strikes and magnetic locks have modest but distinct differences. Since electronic strikes are believed to be fail-secure, electricity is required for them to operate in order to unlock the door. On the other hand, magnetic locks are said to be fail-safe, therefore they require power to lock the door.

You should pick the appropriate locks for your building based on the level of protection required. We suggest speaking with a licenced electrician in your state to discover which door release system is best for your apartment building.

intercom between tenants and the reception desk

Apartment intercoms can be classified into two categories: front desk intercoms and multi-tenant intercoms. A front desk intercom can only be used to contact the leasing office or front desk. On the other hand, a multi-tenant intercom enables visitors to get in touch with a specific renter inside the building. Nearly often, multi-tenant intercoms are preferable.

Multi-tenant intercoms are more practical for residents because they allow them to speak with visitors directly. Because they won’t require continual use of the intercom at the front desk, they will be more handy for the building’s employees. Property managers travel frequently in addition to showcasing homes, addressing issues, and engaging with tenants. They don’t have enough time to respond to intercom messages and grant entrance to the premises.

Front desk intercoms are insufficient for modern multifamily buildings with plenty of visitors. Multi-tenant intercoms provide far better service for package deliveries, on-demand services like dog walking and food deliveries, as well as other visitors.

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What are the workings of a home intercom?

Visitors can use the intercom system in an apartment to ask a resident or member of the building staff for access when they arrive.

The following describes how an apartment intercom system works:

Before being let inside, a visitor must find the person they want to ask for property access from in the intercom directory. Typically, visitors will contact a resident or employee.

To get in touch with the individual they’ve found in the intercom’s directory, the visitor pushes the “call” button.

The renter or staff member may use the buzzer in their apartment or another gadget, like a smartphone, to receive this notification. The resident or staff person can then hang up the phone, start a dialogue with the visitor, or unlock the door.

If the tenant or staff member decides to open the door for the visitor, an electrical relay within the intercom at the building’s entrance is set off. An electronic or magnetic lock on a door receives a signal when this relay is turned on, releasing the door and allowing a visitor to enter the building.

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