Ask People To Engage

If you’re looking for more Facebook engagement, make your posts clear that you would like people to share and like your content. It would help if you got into the habit of concluding each blog post you write with a call to take action. It’s not likely to inspire everyone to hit the share button on Facebook; however, it’s a great reminder.

Consider this: people are bombarded with media content from blogs, social media, or television, as well as podcasts and any other platform that you might think of regularly. There’s a constant flow of overload with content.

With all the content, most readers don’t have the time or motivation to read the entire piece. On average, people are likely to read between 20 and 8% of the text in your article click here.

It’s safe to say that the faithful few who spent their time and read the entire article are interested and engaged in the contents. This is the perfect moment to encourage them to act.

Use Facebook Video

Sorry, YouTube; however, even though it’s the second largest social network, this channel isn’t much in terms of Facebook marketing. After seeing the apparent rise of video content on Facebook, Facebook decided to dedicate many resources and time to its native video platform. This is why Facebook prefers direct uploads of videos over those hosted on YouTube and other third-party video websites.

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A study was conducted on the effectiveness of Facebook native videos. In YouTube videos posted on Facebook, the winner was evident. Native Facebook videos received:

  • Two times more than the comments
  • More shares for three times the price
  • Seven times as many comments
  • More reach, twice the size.

If you’re still not using Facebook videos or not having much success, Make sure to go through this article.

Shorten Your Posts

Do not turn your Facebook page into a corporate blog. Users don’t visit Facebook to read long-form articles. Keep your posts brief and concise.

Facebook posts with a length of 0-50 characters are the ones that receive the most engagement. As you add to that your post, the less attention you can anticipate.

To cut down posting length on your social media pages:

  1. Cut out any unnecessary information or any information that should be elaborated upon.
  2. Consider your posts as headlines.
  3. Use them to draw readers in and encourage them to go to your website to read the entire story.

Create a Facebook Engagement Strategy

Last but not least, you should be able to implement an effective Facebook engagement plan in place if you wish to begin receiving more focus. Publishing posts without thinking about it, relying on your fingers to see if someone comments or shares it isn’t efficient or effective read more.

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Write down what you’d like to publish when posting it and what steps you’ll follow to increase engagement.

Down but Not Out

Reach on organic channels of Facebook could be declining; however, this doesn’t mean you have to eliminate the social media platform. More than one billion people log on every day, giving you plenty of chances to connect with your customers and potential clients.

Check that you have the appropriate Facebook management tools and use these ten strategies in practice to increase the quality of your Facebook engagement and expand your reach.

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