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Transparent braces: learn more about this treatment

Transparent braces are among the various models of braces available for orthodontic treatment. For those who want more aligned teeth and a more harmonious smile, this accessory is the solution for those who do not like metallic fixed braces and want to achieve the result of the treatment in a more discreet way.

Learn more about the transparent braces and their particularities:

Transparent Braces, what is it?

The metallic device is often seen with bad eyes, and this justifies many patients giving up even the treatment.

With the new technologies, alternatives for this corrective procedure emerged, such as the transparent or invisible device.

Through this innovation, orthodontic treatment became better accepted. However, compared to fixed, invisible is a more expensive option.

However, there are those patients who also take a step back before undergoing the clear aligners treatment.

This is since the transparent braces are something new, which is the reason for the prejudice that it is not as efficient as the traditional model.

Therefore, there are several successful cases behind this accessory, cases involving rotated teeth, a diastema, and other situations that involve the misaligned dental arch.

In a short period of time, the patient can renew his smile, making it more aligned and harmonious. Patients who have already undergone this treatment highlight the perceptible comfort related to the metallic model.

What are the indications of transparent braces?

As with other braces models, the main purpose of the clear aligner is based on the reconstruction of the smile, shaping the dentition in a way that common disharmony problems are solved. 

Whatever the orthodontic treatment, your focus is on dental alignment, whether healing gaps between teeth (diastemas), performing open bite, crossbite, deep bite treatment and even solving mandibular alignment problems.

Its differential is simply to soften the aesthetic impact, being a more discreet and modern alternative.

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Because it causes less “awkwardness”, it is the most used model for people who work with their images, such as actors and TV presenters.

The transparent apparatus is practically imperceptible given a certain distance. Ultimately, it is a solution for those who think they are too old to wear braces, usually associated with people who start orthodontic treatment earlier.

Finally, today there are several options for invisible appliances, which are currently one of the main requests in dental offices. 

How does transparent appliance treatment work?

A transparent appliance is an approach made of colorless trays to perform the correction movements. These trays are resistant and flexible, and their placement is intended to bring the dentition back to its correct position. 

These devices perform a certain force, smooth and constant so that their objective occurs. In turn, returning the teeth to the correct position is the reason for using the braces, making the transparent braces able to correct most of the problems that the conventional ones can.


Transparent braces, what are the advantages and disadvantages?


The main advantage of the transparent braces is the fact that the patient can give up the smile made up of metal parts and rubbers.

The conventional model is made up of brackets, wires, tubes, bands, and elastic bandages (rubber bands), which, in addition to discomfort, provide a smile that is far from natural. 

In turn, the rubbers and their various color options are not so convincing to the more mature audience, with the more demure colors being the most accepted.

In this way, the transparent braces are made with translucent materials, such as polycrystalline, polycarbonate or monocrystalline porcelain, providing better aesthetics.

There is greater promotion of comfort, the possibility of interspersing with other treatments, easier cleaning, and lower risk of oral diseases due to the absence of parts. 

Furthermore, the technology behind this innovation allows for greater predictability of treatment outcomes.

This is since they are created by a specific software that uses an intraoral digital mold, which is still capable of performing a simulation of the process and its result.

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The disadvantages of treatment with transparent braces will depend on the patient’s profile and the particularities of their case. 

Its longer duration, for example, can be considered a disadvantage, however, it also varies according to the severity of the situation.

Dental sessions should also take place in a shorter period for closer monitoring of treatment, usually once a month.

Maintenance is also something more frequent since in comparison they are more fragile. However, this is also a variable factor, since the exchange of trays can be done in case of a stock given by the dentist.

The list of dietary restrictions is longer, avoiding hard and crunchy foods.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that, as it is a more technological procedure, the cost-effectiveness of the invisible braces is greater than the conventional model, which can discourage people and make them opt for erasers and brackets.

Transparent braces or invisible braces, what’s the difference?

Due to their similarities and similar names, it is common for people to confuse the treatment with the transparent braces with the one done with the invisible device. Even though they have almost the same benefits, they are quite different from each other.

The invisible device, unlike the transparent one, is a removable and translucent structure, which is made using a mold of the patient’s arch. Produced through a computer program, their advantages are gradually acquired through the exchange of their plates every 15 days.

Finally, the main difference is the fact that the invisible appliance is indicated for cases of simpler teeth misalignment since more serious cases are not resolved by its approach.

Invisible braces In Lahore: Offer more comfort during treatment

There are two factors that make treatment with clear orthodontic appliances more comfortable. The first is: that there is no impact on the person’s image. The appliance is very discreet because of its shade, which blends with that of tooth enamel and does not make the smile childish.

The other factor concerns clear aligners. As said, they fit perfectly in a person’s mouth, are custom-made, and are free of any conventional brace parts. The friction on the oral mucosa is less, and this avoids the risk of small injuries.

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Invisible Braces in Islamabad at Ensmile: 

If you want straight smiles for the whole family, book an appointment at the Ensmile dental clinic providing best invisible braces in Islamabad, closest to you and take care of the smile of your whole family – from the youngest to the oldest, we have specialist professionals for whatever your question may be.

Transparent braces cost in Pakistan: As with other models of dental equipment, the price of the transparent braces varies by the dental clinic and by the material used in its manufacture.


What are the types of transparent braces?

With the increase in demand, various types of transparent appliances have been developed, varying according to the need. Therefore, it is up to the dentist to assess which model is best for you. Among them are:

  • Aesthetic apparatus.
  • Self-starting device.
  • lingual appliance.
  • Ensmile Clear Aligners.

When selecting the ideal type for you, be sure to follow your dentist’s guidelines regarding hygiene and the most appropriate diet, these factors are decisive for the success of the treatment.

There are several specific products on the market for those who are undergoing orthodontic treatment, such as threading and interdental and orthodontic brushes.

Therefore, be sure to opt for an efficient oral hygiene kit that does not give you unpleasant surprises caused by bacteria, such as tartar, caries, and gingivitis.

Regular visits to the dentist

In addition to performing preventive action along with good oral hygiene, periodic visits to the dentist, even more so in the face of orthodontic treatment, are essential for identifying the best processes for a more beautiful and healthier smile.

In addition, the maintenance of the device must be followed correctly, as it performs the necessary conditions and identifies deficits in hygiene and oral problems in its initial phase.

Therefore, the Ensmile dental plan has several options to ensure more quality of life and a more beautiful smile for you and your family.

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