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8 Most Beautiful Beaches of Singapore & Bali Every Couple Should Visit

Beach vacations and trips are ideal since the blue water and swaying trees revitalize them; sandy beaches and sunbeds allure people, and beach parties and sports captivate them. When exploring Singapore and Bali, including the beaches of Singapore & Bali in your itinerary for a memorable trip.

Singapore’s renowned beaches may be categorized into two large groups: Sentosa Island beaches and east coast beaches. Both groups are immaculate, but due to Sentosa beach’s immense popularity, it is more bustling. So the Singapore beaches are wonderful for swimming and recreational activities, but for solitary relaxation and relaxed camping, the beaches on Singapore’s eastern coast are a preferred idea.

When searching for important attractions in Bali, you should prioritize Bali’s beaches. Bali is not just famous for its green rice paddies and towering mountains; its pristine and calming beaches make it a popular destination. Whether you want to engage in adventure activities or take a relaxing walk after a hard day, Bali’s beaches provide anything a major tourist needs.

Let’s check some beaches tourists can enjoy in their Singapore Bali packages from Roaming Routes.

Eight Beautiful Beaches of Singapore & Bali

1. Kuta Beach

On its thin isthmus, Kuta Beach, situated in western Bali, is acclaimed as a great beach in Bali by visitors. Kuta, recently transformed from a peaceful fishing hamlet into a cleverly built commercial area, today features world-class resorts, eating choices, and retail venues. Further, it draws thousands of tourists from all over the globe annually with its unique appeal. Since everyone travels to Kuta for a wonderful Bali experience, this region’s chaotic traffic scenario is a regular sight.

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2. Seminyak

Considered Bali’s trendiest beach, Seminyak is also home to many of the island’s premium resorts, sophisticated restaurants, and entertainment venues. Hence, it must be on the Beaches of Singapore & Bali. Shopaholics will enjoy the variety of fashion shops and boutiques. Further, foodies may choose from various renowned restaurants with foreign chefs preparing gourmet cuisines. It is also acknowledged as a superior alternative to Kuta for those wanting a more private atmosphere than the noisy tourists. 

3. Legian Beach

Legian signifies “sweet” in Balinese, so this enchanting location is just that! Legian Beach is a popular destination for clubbers and night owls due to its vibrant nightlife. Although it is a wonderful place to relax, its similarities to Kuta give first-timers the impression that it is just similar to Kuta. So let yourself a few hours there, and an evening stroll along the renowned Double Six Beach and booming nightlife will completely alter your mind. Further, this beach is a must-see for Bali travelers seeking a bizarre Balinese encounter. Hence, it is among the best beaches of Singapore & Bali. 

4. Amed Beach

Amed Beach is among the best beaches in Bali for snorkeling because its underwater playground gives adventurers fantastic options for snorkeling and diving. It now occupies the top of every scuba diver’s bucket list due to discovering a stunning underwater treasure under the beach’s turquoise blue seas. Further, Amed is the greatest place to go scuba diving in Bali due to its rich marine life and the ancient wreckage that sits magnificently on the seabed. 

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So on Bali beaches, you can enjoy numerous water activities in Bali.

5. Palawan Beach

So among the list of Beaches of Singapore & Bali includes Palawan Beach. Palawan Beach, often known as Sentosa Beach, is situated in the heart of Sentosa. The beach in Palawan includes swinging palm trees, glistening white sand, vast stretches of emerald-green sea, and bustling beach bars. Port of Lost Wonder, a pirate-themed amusement park, is popular with children and adults. Additionally, the location has a rope bridge, many wooden beam structures, a pirate ship, and countless treasure chests. Further, this is the Best beach in Singapore for swimming or simply lazing.

6. Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach is among Singapore’s most renowned public beaches. Further, this beach in  Singapore is always bustling with activity; there’s never a boring moment. On the beach, you may see individuals partying, dancing, kayaking, playing volleyball, and horseback riding. Further, Siloso is one of Singapore’s most popular beaches due to its fantastic restaurants and beach shacks.

7. Changi Beach

Changi Beach, located on the eastern coast, is among the nicest tropical beaches.  People come to relax on the beach or jog along the mystical paths of Changi Beach Park, which is more favored by families, fitness fanatics, and leisure-seekers. It is one of the top swimming beaches in Singapore. Yet, the attraction of this Singaporean beachfront is viewing airplanes. So it must be on your list of Beaches of Singapore & Bali. 

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8. Kusu Island

One of Singapore’s calm beaches is Kusu Island, includes a refuge that is inhabited by hundreds of turtles. However, the island’s immaculate beaches are its appeal. Moreover, these beaches are surrounded by the whitest sand, clearest oceans, and most beautiful green trees in all of nature. Among the nicest beaches in Singapore, it offers a lot.


These Beaches of Singapore & Bali are a must when planning your Singapore & Bali vacation with Roaming Routes. Apart from enjoying the things to do in Singapore & Bali, explore these beaches for ultimate peace.

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