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CA Foundation Exam Nov 2022: VSI Study Tips for the Last 3 Months

Enrolling in the CA Foundation Exam marks the beginning of your road to becoming a CA. During CA Foundation preparation, you will study accounting, mathematics, business law, logical thinking, and economics, among other topics. Due to the limited period of four months, several students are unable to finish the course or revise. And these become the major reasons of failure in the CA Foundation exams. 

In this post, we will provide guidance from VSI Jaipur that will assist you in promptly completing the CA Foundation syllabus 2022 with revisions and achieving the best possible result. 

While preparing for the exams, students must not forget to fill out the CA Foundation Nov 2022 exam form. It is expected that ICAI will soon release the examination forms. Furthermore, as per VSI Jaipur institute, the tentative date is September 12, 2022, and the last date will be September 30, 2022.

Now, let us check the VSI CA Foundation preparation tips that will help accelerate your result. 

Five Important Tips For CA Foundation Exam Preparation

1. Start with Making a Timetable

Making a timetable is the initial thing you should do before beginning your CA Foundation Preparation. Students who believe that creating a schedule is a time waste are mistaken. So create a suitable plan rather than wasting time each day pondering what to read or where to begin. 

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To start developing your timetable, begin with understanding the CA foundation curriculum, subjects, and course content. Further, allot time to each topic and each chapter according to how many days remain before the examination. Regularly monitor your progress and ensure that you adhere to the timetable and complete your daily target. 

2. Join a Good Coaching

The teachers significantly influence the failure or success of a learner. With just passing scores, numerous students pass the CA Foundation Exam with no coaching. However, having a firm grasp of the concepts is crucial from the beginning since becoming a chartered accountant is a lengthy road in which you’ll be regarded as a professional.

Receiving good CA Foundation coaching helps you search for conceptual clarity. VSI Jaipur provides the top CA Foundation classes in India and has helped thousands of students pass with flying colours. Furthermore, VSI students have achieved AIR 1 for the last ten years and have the top results in CA Final and Intermediate.

3. Have Short Breaks in Between

It is a crucial CA Foundation exam tip but has been given importance by the students.  Taking short breaks will be helpful while studying. Do not study consistently throughout the day if you wish for effective learning.

So every two to three hours, take little intervals of 10-15 minutes to refresh your brain. Since morning is the optimum time to do theoretical assignments, begin your day with theory classes before moving on to practical ones. Additionally, finish your day by reviewing what you read. 

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4. Three Revisions Minimum

The course of the CA Foundation exam is extensive, therefore it is important to have all the topics and concepts in mind. After you complete each topic, go for a short revision, and once you complete the entire subject, go for one overall revision.

Further, mark the things you couldn’t recall during this overall revision and then cover them again. After that, make a final revision. Further, try answering as many questions as possible from each subject and get your hands on practical paper. 

5. Practice using CA Foundation Question Paper & Mock Test Paper

The secret behind scoring high is thorough practising with CA Foundation Question Paper and mock tests. Moreover, this will be beneficial in helping you pass your exam. These test papers will train you about time management and how to solve each question properly. It will also help you to better understand the CA Foundation exam pattern. 

So after you complete your final revision, start solving the mock tests daily. 

CA Foundation Exam Form November 2022

For the November attempt, the CA Foundation exam form will be on the official website of ICAI. It is expected that the forms will be released on Sept 12, 2022. The exam form fees are Rs 1500, to be paid at the time of form filling. So now, let us check the entire process of form filling.

  • Log in with login ID.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Pay for examination fees using the card. Additionally, payment may is possible using Internet banking, with appropriate bank fees.
  • So next, submit the form.
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Hope these CA Foundation exam tips will help you ace your exams. For guidance on CA, join VSI Jaipur.

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