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The Top 10 Most Reliable Security Guard Services in Riverside CA!

If you’re looking for a security guard service in Riverside, CA, you’ve come to the right place! 

Whether you’re looking for armed or unarmed guards, we’ve got you covered. And if your venue is in need of 24/7 supervision, we can make that happen too. With so many great options out there, it can be hard to choose just one. 

So, let’s dive into what makes each of these top 10 companies our favourite when it comes to providing reliable and professional security services!

1. Elite Security & Investigation

If you need reliable security guard services, Elite Security & Investigation is the company to call. With over 20 years of experience, they can provide you with all your security needs.They offer full-service security guard services including:

  • Security guard training and certification
  • Full time or part time guards
  • Armed and unarmed guards

2. My Private Patrol

My Private Patrol is a private security and patrol service that keeps the Riverside area safe around the clock. 

They are available 24/7 to provide an extra layer of protection for your business or home, whether you’re on vacation or have an employee working late into the night. The company offers a wide variety of services and products, including:

  • Security guards for businesses, homes and vehicles
  • Alarm systems including CCTV cameras and motion-sensor lighting
  • 24/7 surveillance monitoring
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3. United States Armed Forces Alumni

The United States Armed Forces Alumni is a security guard service that has been around since 2003. They are based in Riverside, California, where they have an office and training facility. 

They have quite a bit of experience working with military personnel, which should make them easy to work with for anyone who has served in the armed forces. They have an excellent reputation as being one of the best security guard services in Riverside CA because they are licensed and insured by the state of California (Licence # S-285). 

They also provide their clients with 24/7 emergency response services if there should be any problems while you’re working with them as well as free background checks on applicants who want to join their team. No doubt they offer the best security guard services Riverside CA!

4. VIP Protective Services

VIP Protective Services is a full-service security and investigations company that specialises in providing security services to corporations, celebrities, and high-profile individuals. 

VIP Protective Services provides a wide range of security services including executive protection, crowd control, event security and surveillance. With over 100 years combined experience in the industry, their staff is composed of former law enforcement professionals who have been trained at some of the most prestigious police academies in California. 

They have handled hundreds of assignments over their illustrious careers ranging from dignitary protection and VIP protection to executive escort services as well as high profile celebrity events such as movie premieres and award shows.

5. Riverside County Sheriff’s Office

Although the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office is a full-service security company, it still has a reputation as one of the best in California. 

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The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office provides 24/7 security to businesses and communities. Its vast array of services includes:

  • Residential Security
  • Commercial Security
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Skate Park Patrols
  • Event Security

6. Armstrong Security Services, Inc.

Armstrong Security Services, Inc. is a full-service security company serving the San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange counties. They provide a wide variety of security services including armed and unarmed security guards, patrol services, event security, mobile patrol and more.

Armstrong Security Services was founded in 1996 by Glenn Armstrong who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Since then we have grown into one of the most trusted local companies that offer top notch service at affordable prices!

7. Onguard Security

With over 30 years of experience as a licensed and insured security guard company, Onguard Security is committed to providing customers with the top-notch security service they deserve. 

With their membership in the International Association of Protective Service Professionals, Onguard Security has proven its dedication to protecting the public by upholding high standards and performing duties with integrity.

8. American Guard Services, Inc.

American Guard Services, Inc. is a private security company based in Riverside, California. They provide security guards and other services to businesses and individuals in the Riverside area.

American Guard Services, Inc. was established in 1992 by a former police officer who had worked for the Los Angeles Police Department since 1971. His goal was to create an organisation that would provide high-quality service at an affordable price for clients across Southern California. 

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He started his own business with just one employee; today, American Guard Services has grown into one of the largest privately owned security companies in the Inland Empire region of Southern California with over 150 employees on staff!

9. All Pro Security & Investigations

If you are looking for reliable security guard services in Riverside, CA, All Pro Security & Investigations is a great option.

The company has been providing security guard services to businesses and residential properties in Riverside County since 1993.

10. NightWatch Security Systems

NightWatch Security Systems is a full-service security company based out of Riverside, California. They offer professional security guard services to residential and commercial clients throughout Riverside and the surrounding areas. 

NightWatch specialises in providing education on best practices for your specific needs, so you can feel confident that you are getting the most out of their service. They offer one of the best security guard services in Riverside CA!

NightWatch works with both residential and commercial clients, offering customised solutions for any size facility. The company offers round-the-clock service at all hours of the day or night.


After reviewing all the companies and their prices, it seems clear that there are several options for you to choose from. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your security company is that they should be able to offer you various services at an affordable price. 

We hope our list has helped you narrow down your search so now all you have left is making a final decision!

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